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Glossary of Terms

Tax is money that is taken from individuals (and from companies) in many different ways in order to pay for all the services provided by the government - federal government,...
There are fifty states in the United States. They each have their own governments that can pass laws on all kinds of matters, including the imposition of taxes, especially state income tax....
Damages mean a sum of money that you have been awarded by a court of law because someone has been found liable for causing you either physical injury or financial harm. There are several different types of damages, including actual...
Unlike a progressive tax that taxes the highest earners at the highest rates, a regressive tax is a type of tax in which those who earn less money bear a higher tax rate relative to their...
When you rent an apartment, you rent it from the landlord, who is usually the owner. Sometimes you might negotiate with a property management...
In real estate, a survey (sometimes known as a land survey) is performed in order to precisely locate and describe the boundaries of a parcel of land. Surveys are usually performed when land is bought and sold, so that the buyer...